Just Eat – An evaluation of an app in a crowded market

This post marks the first time where I will post something not “entirely” game related. The reason for doing so is twofold. Firstly, this portfolios main goal/purpose is to elucidate what my skills are in different areas of research and practice. Secondly, this portfolios other goal/purpose is that it can be used both as a source of knowlegde and inspiration for other people, be it in academic studies or otherwise. Finally, it should be noted that even if this post is not about a game, the knowlegde gained from analyzing this app can be used in a game related context as this project studies the mobile platform and how the app is constructed.

The project
In this project the goal was to analyze a situation where a company find its dominance threatened by new competitors. The case is the danish fastfood company Just-Eat who recently supplied their website with a mobile application for ordering food on the go. In Denmark, the company has been the dominant force for some years, but now a competitor with similar solutions and business model, Hungry, has entered the market. Through qualitative interviews with Just-Eat, users and restaurants, the company’s current situation and near future is being analysed and discussed. By comparing this to existing research and theory in the field of Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Canvas, Multi-sided platforms and Crossplatform Applications, it is argued that Just Eat will need to be aware and perhaps take action in order to remain the dominant force in their business.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more, please feel free to click on the link to the project Just Eat App – an evaluation of their app. It should be noted that this project is in Danish, which can be a problem for some. If you need some clarifications, please mail me :-).

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