Concept development with an industry

This post will like the previous post about Just Eat also take a detour from game design. The reasons for doing so are that this portfolios main goal/purpose is to elucidate what my skills are in different areas of research and practice. Furthermore, this portfolios other goal/purpose is to be a source of knowlegde and inspiration for other people, be it in academic studies or otherwise.

The Project
Finding your way around has become much easier in the last decade with the development of low-cost GPS-technology. As a result, this technology has been implemented in car-systems and computer devices such as smartphones, music-players etc. all over the world. However the problem with GPS-systems is that it does not work properly inside a building and if the building is large and support some form of location based technology, people still have the tendency and/or risk of getting lost on their way.

This project investigates how to design a solution to the patients at Herlev Hospital that aims to lower the risk of getting lost. The solution we have designed in cooperation with House of IT and Herlev Hospital is letting people use a computer to help map out their route (within the building) towards their destination. The solution is further augmented by data and technical software from the Danish company; House of IT, which consists of a virtual map on a digital stand and a printed map. Both the virtual and physical map is able to show the patients and guests the easiest route from A to B.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more, please click on the link Concept development with industry. IF you have further question, please feel free to mail me.

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