Danish Cultural Heritage project – a codesign process

This post will like the previous posts about Just Eat and Concept development with an industry also take a detour from game design. The reasons for doing so are that this portfolios main goal/purpose is to elucidate what my skills are in different areas of research and practice. Furthermore, this portfolios other goal/purpose is to be a source of knowlegde and inspiration for other people, be it in academic studies or otherwise.

The project
The overall goal of this project is to investigate how the Denmarks Radios (DR) website danskkulturarv.dk can appeal to a specific target group and enhance their experience of cultural heritage. In order to make the website appealing to the Danish citizens, we need to find out their demands and their ideas. Through ethnographic studies and cooperative design methods with a specific target group, this project has sought out to investigate how DR can motivate Danes to use dka.dk. By engaging in a close-working relationship with future users, this project wanted to encourage the users to be a part of the collaborative proces, where they could be part of the design process and at the same time provide valuable knowledge about how to promote motivation and sustainability for dka.dk.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more, please click the link codesign-with-dr. If you have any questions, please mail me.

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