Natholdet – utilizing crossmedia strategy to enhance a concept

This post will like the previous posts related to digital media and design also take a detour from game design and play design. However, It will be the last post taking a detour from play and games. The reasons for doing so are that this portfolios main goal/purpose is to elucidate what my skills are in different areas of research and practice. Furthermore, this portfolios other goal/purpose is to be a source of knowlegde and inspiration for other people, be it in academic studies or otherwise.

The project
This project focus on the Danish talkshow Natholdet and how it utilizes both cross mediality and participatory culture on digital platforms in its quest to engage the fanbase.

By using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the aim of this project is to elucidate how Natholdet have maintained the lasting involvement of the fanbase and what they have done to do achieve it. Furthermore, the relations between the different platforms and how they work with each other have also been analyzed to find out how Natholdet can convey a coherent narrative. Finally, this project has also investigated how both transmedial storytelling and experience economy play a central part in the concept behind the talkshow Natholdet.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more, please click on the link crossmedia-natholdet. This project is in Danish, which can be a hinderance for some people. If you have further questions about the subject, please feel free to mail me.

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