Distributed Game Interfaces

Why is it so hard for game companies to incorporate smart devices into their games on other platforms and at the same time get it right? Some companion apps is either a separate game that is loosely tied to the computer game it supports. Other companion apps simply do not go far enough in the integration of the device. Often this result in “gimmicky” and not very meaningful implimentation which can result in either an app that is unnecessary or unfocussed.

So how do you make companion apps important and incorporate smart devices into a shared play experience that is meaningful for the player and at the same time give them something that is truly unique. This is what this bachelor thesis is all about.

Distributed Game Interfaces
By focusing on three different games genres that already use a companion app we both analyzed them to see what they did right and what they did wrong when it comes to meaningful implementation. From there this project went into a more exploratory direction where the design of new and meaningful ways of implementating second screens into the context of play could be invented. This resulted in a set of guide lines that was the goal of the bachelor thesis.

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If you want to know more please read the project. In case of citation please email me or one of the two authors.

Distributed Game Interfaces

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