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Kobra Kitez is an attempt together with a group of people to make a game for the mobile platform. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are fascinating as the affordances of the device can be used to great effect in order to draw the gameplay offered by the game into the real world. Furthermore, as the computing power of these devices increases with each new iteration of either a tablet or a smartphone, it also enables more things that a game designer can do with this platform.

The game concept
Kobra Kitez is a cooperative/competitive game where two players share a portable device where they have to kill enemies coming from behind the opposite player in order to survive. However, there is a twist to the game and that is the games’ ability to change the presented battlefield ingame by making use of the physical space through the affordances of the portable device, which in project was a smartphone. This game mechanic aim is to encourage the two players sharing the portable device to constantly negotiate how the game should be played ingame but at the same time also embody the gameplay in the real world through the affordances of the smartphone. Furthermore, this game mechanic can also be abused as the two players can use it to kill the other player and get the highest score.

How did the game fare
Even if the game was an early prototype, the aim of both creating a cooperative/competetive gameplay experience and at the same time drawing the gameplay out into the real world through the affordances of the smartphone was achieved. Furthermore, the embodiment of the gameplay through the affordances also allowed for crazy play sessions in various settings. This also meant that the context of where one play had a great effect on the offered gameplay experience.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more please read the project. In case of citation, please email me or one of the other authors. The link to the whole game design process for Kobra Kitez is here Game design project

Downloading the early prototype
This has to be negotiated with all the members of the group. So far, it is in limbo. The engine that the game was made on is the game engine Unity and the device that was used for playtesting was a Android device. I know it works on an Android phone, but have no idea how the game controls will work on an Iphone.

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