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Working as a UX/UI designer at Airship One was both a very interesting assignment and very rewarding experience. Interesting, in that the job consisted of bringing a loose concept and some ideas from analogue sketches to a fully realized digital prototype in a relative short amount of time. Rewarding, in that I and a graphic designer was given almost full ownership of the assignment and seeing the digital prototype grow from a an idea to a fully fletched digital prototype was really awesome. Furthermore, it was liberating and fulfilling to test out all the design theories and practices I learned at university and test what works and what does not in a ever changing context of iterative design.

What is Airship One
Airship One is a new start up whose goal is to develop a smart app, that through A.I. and accumulated user history can help people in their decision making in different contexts. You can also see it as a digital butler and the AI was also called Jeeves (awesome name, BTW). It was a very daunting task and as such, the task was divided into several phases. The graphic designer and I was to design an interactive user experience of one of the targeted contexts (food) where this app should be able to help out peoples decision making processes.

My assignments
My assignments at Airship One was;
– conduct preliminary interviews and focus groups.
– analyze and construct design themes
– use low fidelity sketches and feedback to design the intended user experience
– Create wireframes for user interaction and architecture of the intended user experience
– Create the intended user experience in InVision, Photoshop and Sketch
– Use agile design thinking and iterative design methods to slowly polish the intended user experience into something that the users want.
– Document the design process in order to set up a design framework for other teams.

Down below is a grapfical wireframe presentation that describes how the prototype’s intended user experience would be step by step in the specific target area, which is buying and preparing food. This wireframe is still only showing a part of the whole user experience and is a work in progress, so much has likely changed since I left in may 2017. This is also why I am able to post this screenshot. (The owner of Airship One has been informed and given an ok for sharing)

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