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Working as an UX designer at Brain+ was a very exciting and engaging experience. Exciting, because the various assignments I was given were very broad and interesting. Engaging, because my assignments all had to do with something that I find really interesting, which is using digital games for something else than entertainment, such as healthcare. It does not mean that I think the journey to getting better should not be engaging and fun, because of course it has to be that, else why play!

What is Brain+
Brain+ specializes in making playful learning games, that can be used to train people cognitive functions. These learning games have been developed in conjunction with scientific studies, so they have a purpose besides being fun to play. The goal of these learning games are that they can be used as a tool for recovery or offset mental disabilities, both chronic diseases (Parkinsons & Alzheimer) or passing ailments (concusion). A very interesting approach to game design, if you ask me and one that is perfectly in line with all my big interests, which is UX, UI, Game- and Play design.

My assignments
My time at Brain+ was used to both;
– Develop a design and user test strategy and conduct a multitude of user tests with several target groups.
– Frontend development, as in continually update developers and graphic designers about potential enhancements in the games and the overall app.
– Redesigning the backend where all the data from playing the learning games was stored, so therapists could assess and evaluate the data and use it to help the person playing the games.
– create wireframes, paper mockups and digital mockups for both the frontend and backend.

Wireframe for proposed gathered data feature while playing different learning games on the Brain+ app

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