UX / Test manager at Koncernservice

As an UX / Test manager at Koncern Service, I continued working with developing and implementing the new service platform – Serviceportalen at Koncernservice.

During this proces, I have conducted interviews and as is- & to be workshop with various stakeholders, developed wireframes and mockups for a multitude of different self help services, practicing UX/UI work on both the platforms frontpage as well as in the separate modules (self help services, widgets, search engine function etc). Lastly, I have tested all the different modules as they came back from the external developer. This was both technical tests as well as proces testing. Both were done in order to check if the system both worked on a technical level and on a proces level.

Besides all this, I have had ad hoc tasks, such as developing widgets to the serviceplatform.

My assignments as a UX / Test manager at Koncernservice have been;
– Gathering and analysing data through interviews, usertests and as is- & to be workshops with various stakeholders both in Koncernservice and the seven departments of Copenhagen municipality.
– Developing wireframes and mockups for a multitude of self help services, widgets, tutorials etc.
– Conducting both technical and proces usertests both throughout the whole development proces.
– Conducting and practicing UX/UI designrelated tasks in regards to optimizing the new product.
– Systematically testing if various services was in compliance with GDPR rules.

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