W.A.I.T – We Are Interactive Tiles

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Play comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be experienced through the act of playing such as digital or analog games. However, play can also be integrated into the public space, where playful digital installations have the ability to appropriate the surrounding space so that play can be part of peoples everyday lives.

The project
With this in mind, the first project in play design course is to make a public service playful. This project choose the elevator service at the IT University as many students find the wait for the elevators incredible boring and slow. This waiting time, the project W.A.I.T aims to address by implementing a play digital installation in front of the elevator so that the students of the IT Univesity have the agency to change the otherwise non playful act of waiting on an elevator into a playful experience and appropriate the surrounding space.

W.A.I.T. – We Are Interactive Tiles from Raghav Bashyal on Vimeo.

Did it work
Did this playful installation work. On a technical level, no. The reason for this was the short time constraint so we faked it. In relation to the intended outcome of the installation it was a great success as the students did not know that the installation did not work and fell for the illusion that it did work and thus became playful. If you want to read more about the project please press on the link: PLDES_exam1.

As this is a group project, in case of citation please mail me or one of the contribitors of the project.

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