Designing a portable playground

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How do you design the optimal playground. What sort of items and ammenities need to be there in order for people to define it as a playground. How do you place the ammenities so young and old want to hang out and play together. It is a question with no easy answer. Therefore it was even more daunting when given the requirements of this assignment which was designing a portable playground for adults, which meant that this type of playground should specifically cater the adult target group but also be able to be moved around by the same people so it could be set up in any given space.

The project
This project has gone through iterations, as a lot of different hypothesis needed to tested in order to get some answers before designing it. The portable playground has been around several themes, such as a dating playground, which failed miserably when it was set up outside in Copenhagen, but nevertheless gave some invarible knowlegde on the nature of play. This data was used to designe the actual portable playground, which was set up at the IT University and in the public.

Did it work
The design of this playground did go through different stages. Some more successful than others. In the end, the last iteration of the playground was a success in that it fulfilled both criterias which was its portablility and it made adults play with the different ammenities and each other. Furthermore, the playful attitude did not only stay within the confines of the playground but also spilled out into the surround areas which only showed that once the playful attitude had taken over, people were willing to appropriate the space around the portable playground.

Want to learn more
If you want to learn more about this project, please feel free to read it. If you want to cite it, please mail me or one of the other people that was part of this project. click on the link to read the project: PLDES15_Playground

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